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(Beacon), a Soviet Russian sociopolitical and literary illustrated weekly journal. It has been published since 1923 in Moscow. The first editor of the journal was M. E. Kol’tsov (1923–38); subsequent editors were E. P. Petrov and A. A. Sur-kov. Since 1953, the journal’s editor has been A. V. Sofronov.

Ogonek publishes articles about life in the Soviet Union, short stories, essays, poetry, and picture stories. Since 1925, Ogonek has published a literary supplement, and since 1928, the collected works of Russian and foreign writers. In 1973, Ogonek was awarded the Order of Lenin. Circulation, more than 2 million (1974).


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Writing in the popular weekly Ogonek, the entertainer Mikhail Garkavi lamented the disappearance of traditional Russian foods and local specialties.
(37.) The Soviet satirists dedicated one article in Ogonek and book chapter to "Negroes," and referenced African Americans in a few others (see Il'ia Il'f and Evgenii Petrov, "Amerikanskie fotografii," Ogonek 11-17 and 19-23 [1936]).
Now, the JSC Ogonek printing plant in Moscow, the only completed building by Russian architect and artist El Lissitzky, is also facing demolition.
(28) "Novosti iz Dumy," Ogonek , no.2 (Moscow, 2007):3.
Tolstoevsky for journals such as Krokodil and Ogonek, as well as a regular column under the title of 'The Cool Philosopher' for Literaturnaia Gazeta; they also began to write regularly under their own names for Pravda.
"Today's announcement reflects our commitment to enable our customers, distributors, system integrators and resellers to extend 1 to 2 Gbit/sec SANs with a cost-effective solution to meet their business continuance goals," said Ed Ogonek, CEO of Akara.
Such publications as Novyi Mir, Znamya, Literaturnaya Gazeta, Argumenty i Fakty, and Ogonek were among the champions of glasnost.
A1, A8; "Putin stanet geroi Chechni, esli provedet referendum," Ogonek, (14 fevralia, 2000 g.), pp.
The weekly magazine Ogonek ran confessions of former KGB officials and prison guards; a KGB official acknowledged in the Communist Party's theoretical journal, Kommunist, that excessive secrecy had contributed to excessive abuses of power; and it was revealed in Krasnaya Zvezda, the primary military newspaper, that Soviet atomic bombs had been tested near their own military units to detect their psychological effects on combat troops.