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see OgoouéOgooué
or Ogowe
, river, c.560 mi (900 km) long, rising on the Batéké Plateau, SW Congo (Brazzaville). It flows NW and W across Gabon to the Gulf of Guinea, near Port-Gentil, where it forms a large delta.
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, river, Africa.
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He spent most of his last 50 years at that small hospital on the Ogowe River treating the sick and the injured, but he still managed to write books and even to play Bach fugues on a small pump organ he brought with him from Europe.
Let us remind once again-in 1915, two years after his arrival in Gabon, Schweitzer was traveling up the river Ogowe, when he experienced, as we would call it today, a revelation.
Schweitzer once remarked that the term "reverence for life" flashed upon his mind in September 1915 when at sunset he was sailing on the Ogowe River, some forty-eight miles from Lambarene.
They built a hospital on the Ogowe River in an area rife with malaria, dysentery sleeping sickness, elephantiasis and leprosy Until it was ready the first patients were treated in a disused hen house.
Travels in West Africa is loosely organized around Kingsley's progress down the coast, up the Ogowe River, in search of the Rembwe River, and up Mount Cameroon.
Instead, Kingsley reveals a "personalized identification with the landscape" as in this passage contemplating the Ogowe River in West Africa: "I just lose all sense of human individuality, all memory of human life, with its grief and worry and doubt, and become part of the atmosphere" (97).
They arrived at their destination on the Ogowe' River on Easter Sunday.
Looking at a herd of hippos in the Ogowe River, close to the hospital, Schweitzer strengthened his commitment to the need to revere life: "The greatest evil is to destroy life, to injure life, to repress life that is capable of development."