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(in German, Eger), a river in northwestern Czechoslovakia (with sources in the Federal Republic of Germany); a left tributary of the Elbe (Labe). It is 316 km long and drains an area of 5,600 sq km.

The Ohře originates in the Fichtel Mountains; below the city of Kadaň, it flows through a hilly plain. High water occurs in the spring. The mean flow rate in the river’s middle course is 38 cu m per sec. There is a hydroelectric power plant on the Ohře. The river is used for irrigation. The resort of Karlovy Vary is located at the confluence of the Teplá and Ohře rivers.

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* The report reviews current pipeline of Ohr Pharmaceutical Inc.'s human therapeutic division and enlists all their major and minor projects
It is attached to the cup in an inelegant manner as if Ohr thought to intuitively 'stick it' to the cup.
The static OLS OHR is given by the following regression:
Ageing, together with increases in chronic diseases and longer life expectancy, is creating more consumer demand for health care and requires comprehensive involvement of different health professionals, especially nurses (Ohr et al 2009).
Clear electoral victory for the main three nationalist parties, at state, entity and cantonal levels, was then used to justify a rethink on the 'conclusion of the year-long mandates of the implementation agencies', suggesting that the peace process would not be 'consolidated' until further state and entity and cantonal elections in September 1998 (OHR, 1996: [section] 27; [section] 90).
Likewise, for readers of the OHR I focused on his treatment of Allan Nevins as founder of Columbia University's Oral History Research Office, because Nevins figures importantly in our professional lives as oral historians.
MK Uri Ariel (National Union) toured the Negev on Sunday with Ohr Mesimot representatives, and promised to help them procure government funding for their settlement activities.
However, with the implementation of the new Order Handling Rules (OHR) in 1997, NASDAQ has become more of an order-driven auction market like the NYSE.
"We are primarily a software development company for hospitals and clinics that have occupational health clinics," says Barry Gray, OHR's director of information services.
OSCE, OHR, US Embassy, UK Embassy, German Embassy, Embassy of the Netherlands and Embassy of Spain issued a Joint Statement today urging the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the judicial institutions to investigate the responsibility of every person holding a judicial office that are faced with allegations that they have committed an offense.