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Ohrid, Lake

Ohrid, Lake, Albanian Ohrit, deepest lake of the Balkans, c.130 sq mi (340 sq km), on the North Macedonia–Albania border. It is connected with Lake Prespa by underground channels and is drained to the north by the Black Drin River. On its shores stand several monasteries, notably that of St. Naum (10th cent.).
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Ohrid, Lake


(Ohridsko jezero, Ligeni i Ohrit), a lake in Yugoslavia and Albania, lying in an intermontane tectonic depression at an elevation of 695 m. It covers an area of 348 sq km and has a maximum depth of 285 m.

The lake’s eastern and western shores are steep and precipitous, and its northern and southern coasts are flat. Lake Ohrid is linked by an underground channel (karst hollows) with Lake Prespa, which is located at a higher elevation and drains partially into Lake Ohrid. The Black Drin River, which empties into the Adriatic Sea, flows out of Lake Ohrid. The lake’s water level rises during spring and autumn. The water is unusually clear and has a summer temperature ranging from 18° to 24°C. The lake is important for fishing (carp, trout, and eels) and boating. The principal cities along the lake are Ohrid (Yugoslavia) on the northeastern shore and Pogradec (Albania) on the southern shore.

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There is a temporary bus stop on Ohrid Lake opposite Block 23; The station with code 1977 "Kamen Andreev" is closed.
Tourism development zones: Ohrid Lake, Galicica (Ski Center), Popova Shapka (1 Zone), Kozuf (Ski Center), Dojran Lake (2 Zones)
If the archbishop loses the battle for the piece of heavenly land near Ohrid Lake, it will not be his defeat, but a defeat for all of us.
Tirana, Albania, October 21, 2013 --( During September, their team visited and recruited properties in the village of Tushemisht next to Ohrid Lake. Tushemisht is located 5 kilometers south of Pogradec town.
There are processed about 15 seafood products of the Ohrid Lake which the prime minister considered of an extraordinary economic potential.After he visited the inner venues of the plant and talked with its managers, PM Berisha congratulated them on the investment realized and highlighted its fully bioproducts which thanks to high quality processing can preserve food values up to a 27 months expire date.The plant located in Albania's Hudenisht municipality is a private investment of 450 thousand Euros and 40 workers are employed there.
The heritage churches, especially the one dedicated to St Clement, overlooks the enchanting and fascinating waters of the Ohrid lake.
Vlado Kambovski, President of the Macedonian Academy of Science and Arts (MANU), stressed that following this cooperation a joint conference dedicated to the preservation of Ohrid Lake will be organized.
Fourth, the Macedonian national and state foundation on that idea may function and it is functioning in relation to the perspectives of the general matters as the cesspools in Pestani function in relation to the Ohrid Lake in conditions of rising water-level.
At least 15 people have drowned after a boat capsized in Macedonia's Ohrid lake.
In addition to this, the construction of the Water Museum and reconstruction of the prehistoric pile dwelling in Ohrid Lake are invaluable.