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1. a fatty or oily medicated formulation applied to the skin to heal or protect
2. a similar substance used as a cosmetic
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a medication for external use consisting of a base like lanolin or vaseline and a medically active substance.

If the base of an ointment contains more than 25 percent dry powder, the result is paste. Liquid ointments are called liniments. The medical substances in ointments are absorbed by the skin and can exert both a local and a general effect on the body. Ointments containing irritants can produce a systemic effect by reflex reaction.

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What does it mean when you dream about ointment?

Ointment in a dream may symbolize the need for a salve to soothe or heal a condition in the dreamer’s life.

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A semisolid preparation used for a protective and emollient effect or as a vehicle for the local or endermic administration of medicaments; ointment bases are composed of various mixtures of fats, waxes, animal and vegetable oils, and solid and liquid hydrocarbons.
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Majority of researchers have compared chemical cautery with electrocautery or antibiotic ointments and other modalities.
The latest research published by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Journal of Sexual Medicine states that topical ointments made with tumeric powder can help treat erectile disorders, and the chemical compound curcumin is the key factor.
The second derivative of the NIR absorption spectrum revealed that ACV-B and ACV-C possessed a wider absorption spectrum than the other ointments due to the olefin group (Figure 6(a)).
Methods: The descriptive study was conducted at the Children's Hospital, Lahore, from April to September 2013, and comprised patients presenting with cushingoid features and history of using nappy rash ointments. Patients having Cushing's Syndrome due to causes other than iatrogenic were excluded and so were those taking oral or parenteral steroids due to skin allergy, renal or respiratory disease.
If this is a hand dermatitis caused by nickel or other contact allergens, and I can possibly give that hairstylist an ointment to apply to her hands in the morning and night and get back to her job, that's a happy worker.
A study in the October issue of Emerging Infectious Diseases found the antibiotic-resistant MRSA strain, known as USA300, is common in the United States where antibiotic ointments are used often, but the strain is less common in Japan, where triple antimicrobial ointments are not used often.
"And it's not just football - sales of pain relief gels and ointments doubled in the week Wimbledon started."
Ointments are preferred and several applications a day will be required.
The second active ingredient in Lansinoh diaper rash ointment is microfine zinc oxide, which is said to greatly differ from zinc oxide in other diaper rash ointments, which can be thick and pasty.
Moreover, the allopathic medicines and ointments are not only expensive but also fail to cure the disease permanently.
MONTREAL -- Clobetasol propionate and tacrolimus ointments offer similar efficacy for treatment of pediatric vitiligo, according to a prospective, randomized, double-blind clinical trial.
OBJECTIVE: Only a few clinical trials have been published on the topical treatment of atopic dermatitis with herbal ointments. An ointment containing extracts from Mahonia aquifolium, Viola tricolor and Centella asiatica has previously been studied in open uncontrolled trials with children.