Ojos del Salado

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Ojos del Salado

(ō`hōs thĕl sälä`thō), peak, 22,539 ft (6,870 m) high, on the border between Argentina and Chile, in the Andes. It is the second highest of the Andean peaks. In 1956 a Chilean expedition reported its height to be 23,239 ft (7,083 m), thus making it greater than AconcaguaAconcagua
, peak, 22,835 ft (6,960 m) high, Mendoza prov., W Argentina, in the Andes, near the Chilean border. It is the highest peak of the Western Hemisphere. The snowcapped Aconcagua was first scaled in 1897. Uspallata Pass is nearby. See also Ojos del Salado.
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 and therefore the tallest peak in the Western Hemisphere, but this report has been unconfirmed.

Ojos Del Salado


an extinct volcano in the southern part of the Central Andes in South America, on the border between Chile and Argentina. The volcano has a maximum elevation of 6,880 m and is composed of andesites and tuffs. Its western slopes are a desert, and its eastern, more humid slopes are covered by tropical forests to 3,000 m. The snowline is at 5,000–6,000 m.

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Large patches of these made the approach to Ojos del Salado difficult, as a slight El Nino effect had resulted in more snow than usual.
Giluwe (Papua New Guinea), Elbrus (Russia), Pico de Orizaba (Mexico) and finished with Ojos del Salado (Chile) on Dec.