Oktiabrskaia Revoliutsiia

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Oktiabr’skaia Revoliutsiia


(October Revolution), a battleship of the Red Banner Baltic Fleet. Until 1925 the ship was called Gangut. It was designed by A. N. Krylov, who created a series of the most modern battleships of the Sevastopol’ type. It joined the fleet in December 1914.

The revolutionary sailors of the Gangut fought actively in the Great October Socialist Revolution and in the Civil War of 1918–20. In the 1920’s the battleship Oktiabr’skaia Revoliutsiia became the flagship of the Red Banner Baltic Fleet. It took part in the heroic defense of Leningrad in 1941–44, supporting the land forces with its long-range artillery fire and conducting the counterbattery fight against fascist German artillery. It was awarded the Order of the Red Banner in 1944. After the war, it became a training vessel of the Baltic Fleet. In the mid-1950’s it was scrapped, but its name was assumed by a new cruiser.

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