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Thus was I lost in useless speculation one sultry August evening when old Ben, my body servant, handed me a telegram.
It is a Yorkshire habit to say what you think with blunt frankness, and old Ben Weatherstaff was a Yorkshire moor man.
"He lives there," said old Ben. "He came out o' th' egg there.
Levanti is a 30-year veteran of the coal mining industry, having worked at Old Ben No.
Clearly it's from an old Ben Shaws bottle but can readers tell us more about how it came to be there?
They said: ''Poor Old Ben lead guitarist was found dead earlier this morning, Saturday January 31, 2004.
Yesterday, 10-year- old Ben Hartnett, a pupil at Tremains Junior School in Bridgend, became the 100,000th visitor.
Poor old Ben Kingsley is being made to squirm over his insistence on being given his proper 'Sir' title on a movie poster.
THE fact my letter on the Thatcher years didn't include anything remotely like praise for her didn't stop reader Jack Rettie missing my point totally and having a good old Ben Elton-style, anti-Thatcher diatribe.
The Brixton Cowboys who gave us Woke Up This Morning, the theme song to The Sopranos will be joined on the same day by nine-piece Do Me Bad Things in the King Tut's Tent with Poor Old Ben.
Today devastated family and friends of 18-year old Ben Hall described him as a `healthy, vibrant teenager'.
Old Ben Folds Five favourites Philosophy and Underground, were a welcome reminder of an impressive and much loved back catalogue.