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Old English:

see typetype,
for printing, was invented in China (c.1040), using woodblocks. Related devices, such as seals and stamps for making impressions in clay, had been used in ancient times in Babylon and elsewhere.
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; English languageEnglish language,
member of the West Germanic group of the Germanic subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages (see Germanic languages). Spoken by about 470 million people throughout the world, English is the official language of about 45 nations.
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; Anglo-Saxon literatureAnglo-Saxon literature,
the literary writings in Old English (see English language), composed between c.650 and c.1100.

See also English literature. Poetry
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Old English

the English language from the time of the earliest settlements in the fifth century ad to about 1100. The main dialects were West Saxon (the chief literary form), Kentish, and Anglian
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Cornelius praises Sievers for the explanatory power that his theory brought to the study of alliterative versification, but he simultaneously criticises Sieversian metrics and its practitioners for overemphasising the role of prosodic stress in Old English metre.
In its early days the settlement was known as Crohinton, derived from Crow's Farm -- itself from the Old English Crawe na.
Such contextualization is not difficult to perform on Old English prose works attributed to known authors, such as AElfric and Wulfstan, but for poetic works of uncertain date and authorship, this practice should entail sustained engagement with philological scholarship on the dialectology and relative chronology of Old English poetry.
Allied Old English engages in the manufacture of bottled food products.
CONCERNS The Old English Sheepdog from Dulux ads is less popular.
While registration of Chihuahuas saw a phenomenal 215 per cent increase between 2009-2013, the Old English Sheepdog has declined by 27 per cent.
The Old English Consolatio, which the prologue attributes to "Alfred, king of the West Saxons," was produced between about 880 and about 950, in two versions.
Given the wealth of scholarship on the concept of wyrd (e.g., Phillpotts 1928; Timmer 1941; Kasik 1979; Weil 1989; Pollack 2006) and Old English maxims (e.g., Williams 1914; Cavill 1993, 1999; Deskis 1996, 2005, 2013; Shippey 1977, 1978; Thayer 2003; Kramer 2010; O'Camb 2013), this proverb has enjoyed considerable scholarly attention.
However, in order to address the issue fully it is also necessary to consider gender in other forms of (relatively) modern English, as well as in Old English and Gaelic as Nom's geographical neighbours.
This collection of prose and verse, translated into modern English, is designed 'to help students of English Literature deal with the transition from "Old English" to "Middle English'", i.e.
SOME POEMS in Celtic languages are older, but the earliest sizable body of vernacular literature in Europe is the Old English, dating, by liberal estimation, from the seventh century to the twelfth.