Old English style

Domestic Revival style

A style of architecture in England in the 19th century loosely patterned after elements of the Queen Anne style, Domestic Revival, and aspects of the Picturesque Movement as well as the Arts and Crafts Movement; often characterized by timber-framed houses, ornate bargeboards, brickwork in diaper patterns, tall decorative chimney stacks, and leaded windows; a forerunner of the shingle style, in which tiles were used rather than wood shingles. Also called Old English style.
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The father and mother were in the old English style, and the young people in the new.
The building, of greenish stone, was in the old English style, not ugly, but small-windowed and melancholy-looking: the sort of house that must have children, many flowers, open windows, and little vistas of bright things, to make it seem a joyous home.
TIt boasts country house opulence, old English style, has drawing rooms where dinner guests sip aperitifs from a drinks trolley - and is surrounded by villages with names like Chewton Medip, Midsomer Norton and Stratton-onthe-Fosse.
In 1890, the masthead was firmly established in a Blackletter, or Old English style typeface, as they are sometimes known.
7,500 (Weekdays &Weekends); Tel: +90 0242 710 30 00; www.golf.sueno.com.tr/en/golfclub/ Carya Golf Club: The course is inspired by the traditional old English style heathland courses in the Surrey area outside of London such as Wentworth, Sunningdale, Walton Heath and The Berkshire.
The master suite is light and spacious with a lavishly laid out en suite that has a central claw foot bath, steam/shower enclosure, twin console style old English style basins and matching toilet, all set over an Italian marble floor.
The company provides cast-aluminum house signs in the Old English style. The signs are fully customizable including components such as: size, shape, colors, emblems and mounting options.
He said: "Every player wants to play the old English style - kick and run - but I want to change that attitude.
My impulse was always lyrical rather than cognitive, my gnosis seldom steadfast enough to shape, in the brave old English style, an "argument." Yet I did risk my hand, or voice, at longer poems: "Pavlovic Variations," "Anasphere," "Razzmatazz," and later "A Huapango for Junius Avitus," "Fishing Boats at Assos," and "The Redbird Hexagon." Not one of these is thematic.
Ljungberg admitted: "Unfortunately, we have struggled away from home against teams that play the old English style with a lot of long balls.
It is hoped that a careful study of this poem, showing how the poet has created an adaptation of the Old English style of poetry, will give important clues, not only into Tolkien's creative imagination, but also his place in English literature.
Produced in Shropshire by David Austin Roses, a firm that specialises in breeding Old English style varieties, the new rose has large blooms of deep salmonpink and is healthy, bushy and sturdy, with a sweet lemon scent.

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