Old Man

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What does it mean when you dream about an old man?

An old man in a dream usually represents wisdom, and sometimes forgiveness. The old man may be either a specific person or a generic aged one who, regardless of his race or color, is usually adorned with white hair and a full beard. An old man can also stand for a deteriorating person whose only power lies in the memory of a journey that has already taken place. Whether the old man exhibits stamina or lacks physical strength also affects the dream’s interpretation.

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Old Man

Carl Jung said that the wise old man is the “archetype of the spirit” and the “speaking fountainhead of the soul.” Dreaming about him may be an attempt to bring oneself into awareness of the larger meaning of one’s life. Old people in dreams represent wisdom and maturity. They may appear in our dreams at times of confusion, when we lack direction, or when we need consultation and help in decisionmaking.
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Still more delightful were the moments when they reached the stream where the rows ended, and the old man rubbed his scythe with the wet, thick grass, rinsed its blade in the fresh water of the stream, ladled out a little in a tin dipper, and offered Levin a drink.
As they were walking back over the cut grass, the old man called Levin's attention to the little girls and boys who were coming from different directions, hardly visible through the long grass, and along the road towards the mowers, carrying sacks of bread dragging at their little hands and pitchers of the sour rye-beer, with cloths wrapped round them.
'Why, bless thee, child,' said the old man, patting her on the head,
The old man kissed her, then turning to me and begging me to walk in, I did so.
There was something so odd in the old man's sudden energy, and the subject which had called it forth, that Mr.
will you give this to the old man over the way from me?
The weeping old man with the cigar in his mouth was ludicrous.
"And the old man said, 'God will forgive you, we are all sinners in His sight.
The old man uttered a cry, and turned round; then, seeing his son, he fell into his arms, pale and trembling.
The poor little old man knew some pale and vapid little songs, long out of date, about Chloe, and Phyllis, and Strephon being wounded by the son of Venus; and for Mrs Plornish there was no such music at the Opera as the small internal flutterings and chirpings wherein he would discharge himself of these ditties, like a weak, little, broken barrel-organ, ground by a baby.
One day an old man went to a stream to dip in a crust of bread which he was going to eat, when a dog came out of the water, snatched the bread from his hand, and ran away.
The merchant told the old man why he was obliged to come there.