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town (1991 pop. 5,542), S Alta., Canada, N of Calgary, in a stock, dairy, and wheat-farming region. It has grain elevators and is the seat of a provincial agricultural school.
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"You have only to wash his face and his leg in spirits of wine, and you will find that he is the same old Silver Blaze as ever."
Akela, the grim old wolf who had never asked for mercy in his life, gave one piteous look at Mowgli as the boy stood all naked, his long black hair tossing over his shoulders in the light of the blazing branch that made the shadows jump and quiver.
"Oh, wise little frog, come again soon; for we be old, thy mother and I."
"Now this same Manling comes with soft, tickling words to this same Flathead, telling him that he is wise and strong and beautiful, and this same old Flathead believes and makes a place, thus, for this same stone-throwing Manling, and--Art thou at ease now?
"I have seen all the dead seasons," Kaa said at last, "and the great trees and the old elephants, and the rocks that were bare and sharp-pointed ere the moss grew.
There were other lumps and festoons and things like decayed tree-trunks studded on the face of the rock, the old combs of past years, or new cities built in the shadow of the windless gorge, and huge masses of spongy, rotten trash had rolled down and stuck among the trees and creepers that clung to the rock- face.
"At least he did not die THEN, though none waited his coming down with a strong body to hold him safe against the water, as a certain old fat, deaf, yellow Flathead would wait for a Manling--yea, though there were all the dholes of the Dekkan on his trail.
"It is long since the old days of Shere Khan, and a Man-cub that rolled naked in the dust."
Olds attempted to revive the Hurst/Olds magic on a few occasions in the late 1970s and 1980s, but these models tended to be little more than dressy derivatives with special cladding kits, noisier mufflers and fancy paint and decals.
It dropped by 12 points among 45-54 year olds, from 84 percent in 2017 to a record-low 72 percent in 2018.
Tumbles affect more people in old age but the data found a sharp increase once females hit their middle years.
Meanwhile, the percentage of two year olds receiving any free childcare still falls far short of the number of three and four-year-olds in government-funded education.