Oleg Ivanovich

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Oleg Ivanovich


Died July 5, 1402. Grand prince of Ria-zan’ from 1350.

Oleg Ivanovich conducted an active policy with respect to the Golden Horde, Lithuania, and Moscow and subordinated appanage principalities to Riazan’. In 1365, together with his vassals the princes of Murom, Pronsk, and Kozel’sk, he routed the army of Khan Tagai, who had invaded Riazan’ Land. The relations between Riazan’ and Moscow frequently changed from friendly to hostile. In 1370 a large Riazan’ force aided Moscow in repulsing the troops of the Lithuanian duke Algirdas (Olgerd). However, in 1371 the Muscovite voevoda (military commander), Prince Bobrok-Volynets, defeated Oleg Ivanovich at Pereiaslavl’-Riazanskii. In 1378, Muscovite and Riazan’ troops routed the Tatar army of Begich on the Vozha River.

After the Battle of Kulikovo of 1380, in which Oleg Ivanovich refused to participate, relations between Riazan’ and Moscow became strained. In 1382, Muscovite troops laid waste to Riazan’ Land; in 1385 the Riazan’ forces inflicted a series of defeats on the Muscovites. In 1386, as a result of the diplomatic mission of Sergius of Radonezh, an agreement was concluded between Moscow and Riazan’ ending the internecine strife. Oleg Ivanovich spent the last years of his life in a struggle against Lithuania for Smolensk and other Russian lands.


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