Oleg Popov

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Oleg Popov
Oleg Konstantinovich Popov
Clown and circus artist

Popov, Oleg Konstantinovich


Born July 31, 1930, in the village of Vyrubovo, Moscow Oblast. Soviet circus artist and clown. People’s Artist of the USSR (1969).

Popov graduated from the State School of Circus Art in 1950. Initially he performed as a comic equilibrist on a slack wire. From 1951 to 1953 he worked in a youth company, where he established himself as a carpet clown. A skilled equilibrist, acrobat, and juggler, he combines slapstick, psychological insight, gentle lyric humor, and satire in his acts. He creates the image of the contemporary young man, imparting to him the charm and craftiness of the mischievous heroes of Russian fairy tales. Known as the Sun Clown, Popov was a prize winner at the Warsaw International Festival of Circus Art (1957) and recipient of the Oscar Prize (1958, Brussels) and other awards. He has performed abroad. Popov has been awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor and a medal.


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