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(graphic arts)
Lithographic printing with several colors, requiring a stone for each color.



a method of lithographic reproduction of multicolored images, in which a separate printing image is prepared by hand on a stone or zinc plate for each color; an outline is applied initially on the surface of each stone. Chromolithography has been replaced almost entirely by the photomechanical methods used in planographic printing to produce plates.

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Oleographs are usually sold in ornate gilded frames to complete the oil painting look.
The interior with figures is the more convincing oleograph of the two.
This print is modeled on Shivaji before Bhavani (Ravi Varma Printing Press, oleograph, ca.
The tactile and illusionist potential of Ravi Varma's paintings now began to be transported into the glossy and garish prints of the cheap oleographs and chromolithographs.
With the increasing popularity of Ravi Varma, we find that the subsequent circulation of his paintings in the form of cheap, mass-produced coloured oleographs ultimately displaced the garishly coloured prints sold by presses like the Calcutta Art Studio.
The halls of Lalit Kala Akademi display many frames on its walls that may strike you with their resemblance to the famous oleographs of Varma.