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Ouf! un Langage pour les Grammaires Attribuees.

Inria, 1985. Language for specification of attribute grammars, used as the input language of the compiler writing system FNC-2. Applicative, strongly typed, polymorphic, pattern-matching, modules.



(Christian name Elena). Born circa 890; died 969 in Kiev. Grand Princess of Kiev; wife of Igor’.

After her husband was killed by the Drevliane in 945, Ol’ga cruelly crushed the Drevlianian rebellion. Between 945 and 947 she set the amount of tribute to be paid by the Drevliane and the Novgorodians and organized administrative centers, or pogosty. She significantly expanded the domain of the Kievan grand princes. In 955 (or 957) she visited Constantinople and adopted Christianity. Ol’ga was the head of state until her son, Sviatoslav Igorevich, came of age, and again during his campaigns. In 968 she directed the defense of Kiev against the Pechenegs. She was canonized by the Russian church.


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an urban-type settlement; center of Ol’ga Raion, Pri-mor’e Krai, RSFSR. Port on Ol’ga Gulf of the Sea of Japan, 248 km northeast of the Tikhookeanskaia railroad station. Ol’ga has a creamery and a lumber transshipping center.

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