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the name of three rivers in southern Africa.

(1) The largest (right) tributary of the Limpopo. The Olifants, which measures 560 km long, flows through the Republic of South Africa and Mozambique. It rises in the Witwatersrand region. The upper course is shallow and full of rapids. High water occurs in summer, in connection with the monsoon rains.

(2) A 250-km-long river in Cape of Good Hope Province, Republic of South Africa. It rises in the Olifantsrivierberge and empties into the Atlantic Ocean. High water occurs in winter.

(3) The principal source of the Gourits River in southern Cape of Good Hope Province, Republic of South Africa; length, 185 km.

All three rivers supply irrigation needs.

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Bookings: Olifants Camp 013 735 6606 or SANParks Central Reservations 012 428 9111
The usual cause is rotten fish - but there have been no unusual reports of dead fish in the Olifants or Letaba rivers, home to many Nile crocodiles.
Viljoen escaped across the Olifants River and ultimately to the high veldt, south of the Delagoa Bay Railway, where the more open terrain allowed greater manoeuvrability.
The nation has between 167 and 172 30-year-old Olifants, but the exact number of vehicles still in running order is not known.
The new wine is a Shiraz made from night-harvested grapes grown in the Olifants River Valley area, where aromatic shrubs and herbs influence the grapes' flavours.
Trans-Caledon Tunnel Authority's Olifants River Water Resources
Project Objective : To provide incentives (capacity, financial, governance) for the adoption of knowledge based SLM models for land management and land/ecosystem rehabilit ation in support of the green economy and resilient livelihoods in the Karoo, Olifants and Eastern Cape
capensis is from the Olifants River to the Eastern Cape (Kilburn & Rippey 1982; Branch et al.
Namaqualand in the Olifants river region of the Western Cape is home to this crisp, refreshing, dry white.
Kumala winemaker Ben Jordaan obtains each varietal from the region where it grows best and sources fruit from South Africa's most prestigious regions including the Olifants River, Paarl, Stellenbosch and Worcester.
The latest area in South Africa to be declared a Wine of Origin region is the Piekenierskloof highlands on the Olifants River mountain range between Swartland the the Olifants River.