Oliva, Peace of 1660

Oliva, Peace of (1660)


a treaty concluded between Sweden and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and its allies Austria and Brandenburg. Together with the Treaty of Copenhagen (1660), it ended the Northern War of 1655–60. It was signed May 3, 1660, at Oliva Monastery near Danzig (Gdańsk) with France acting as the intermediary. By the Peace of Oliva the Polish king John II Casimir renounced his claims to the Swedish throne and confirmed Swedish possession of Estonia with the island of Ösel (Saare) and almost all of Livonia—for the most part territory Sweden had captured in the 16th and early 17th centuries. The Peace of Oliva essentially reiterated the terms of the Wehlau-Bydgoszcz Treaty of 1657 between Poland and Brandenburg, and it hastened the conclusion of the Treaty of Kardis (1661) between Russia and Sweden.


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