Oliver Stone

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Oliver Stone
William Oliver Stone
BirthplaceNew York City
Film director, screenwriter, producer

Stone, Oliver,

1946–, American filmmaker, screenwriter, and producer, b. New York City, studied filmmaking with Martin ScorseseScorsese, Martin
, 1942–, American film director; b. Queens, N.Y. A major figure in contemporary cinema, he grew up in Manhattan's Little Italy, attended film school at New York Univ.
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 at New York Univ. (B.F.A., 1971). Stone enlisted (1967) in the army and saw combat in Vietnam, winning a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. He adapted the screenplay for Midnight Express (1978; Academy Award) and created other scripts before directing his first Hollywood film, The Hand (1981). Stone won critical plaudits for Salvador (1986), but it was not until he wrote and directed the grimly realistic Vietnam War drama Platoon (1986; Academy Award, best director) that he catapulted to popular success. In his exploration of various uniquely American themes, Stone has become a controversial figure, frequently criticized for mingling fact and fiction in some films (e.g., JFK, 1991) and for portraying extreme violence in others (e.g., Natural Born Killers, 1994). His many other movies include Wall Street (1987) and a sequel, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010), Born on the Fourth of July (1989; Academy Award, best director), The Doors (1991), Nixon (1995), World Trade Center (2006), and W. (2008, a dramatized portrait of George W. BushBush, George Walker,
1946–, 43d President of the United States (2001–9), b. New Haven, Conn. The eldest son of President George H. W. Bush, he was was raised in Texas and, like his father, attended Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass., and Yale, graduating in 1968.
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). South of the Border (2010) is an extremely positive portrayal of South America's left-wing leaders, in particular Hugo ChávezChávez Frías, Hugo Rafael
, 1954–2013, Venezuelan political leader, president of Venezuela (1999–2013). Raised in poverty, he was educated at the Military Academy of Venezuela (grad. 1975).
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; the contemporary marijuana wars in California and Mexico are the subject of Savages (2012). Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States (2012) is a 10-part documentary that generally excoriates the United States for various events from World War II to Barack Obama. His The Putin Interviews (2017) is a four-part documentary profiling the Russian leader.


See his Platoon and Salvador: The Screenplays (1987) and his autobiographical novel A Child's Night Dream (written 1966, pub. 1997); N. Kagan, The Cinema of Oliver Stone (1995); D. Kunz, ed., The Films of Oliver Stone (1997); C. Salewicz, Oliver Stone, Close Up (1998).

Stone, Oliver

(1946–  ) movie director, screenwriter; born in New York City. Dropping out of Yale in 1965, he taught English and history in Saigon, Vietnam, as a civilian; he returned to Vietnam with the U.S. Army (1967–68) and was wounded in combat. He studied at the film school of New York University and went on to write screenplays; he won a 1978 Oscar for Midnight Express but subsequent screenplays were for mostly forgettable action films. He then wrote and directed two highly regarded movies, Salvador (1986) and Platoon (1987); the latter won him Oscars for best director and best picture. Established as a serious director, he produced and directed a series of commercially successful but often edgy movies, the most controversial being JFK (1991), his highly partisan account of the assassination of President Kennedy.
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Thirty years ago on this stage, I was ejected for being inebriated,'' said Oliver Stone (Best Director), whose ``World Trade Center'' was named best film.
Despite fears that such a high-profile production could be the next obvious target for terrorists, Intermedia film chief Moritz Borman, whose company is producing the Oliver Stone version of the Greek general said they are satisfied now with new security initiatives taken by the Moroccan authorities.
The following year, he co-starred with Michael Douglas in Wall Street, also an Oliver Stone film.
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