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an island in northwestern Lake Baikal, Irkutsk Oblast, RSFSR. It is separated from the shore by the Maloe More and Ol’khonskie Vorota straits. Area, 730 sq km; elevations, to 1,276 m. The island is composed of Archean gneisses, marbles, quartzites, and granites. There is larch taiga in the north and steppe in the south. Strong northwest winds are typical. The settlement of Khuzhir is located on Ol’khon Island.

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Natalia Dikusarova voiced a number of other acute health issues, in particular, the lack of funds for chemotherapy, the redistribution of finance for the subprogramme on HIV / AIDS, about the shortage of ambulances and about the overhaul of the polyclinic in the village of Khuzhir, Olkhon region.
Departing from the southern shores of Lake Baikal at Listvyanka, they will traverse the eastern coast of the lake, before negotiating Olkhon island, and finishing in Severobaikalsk at the top of the lake.
Summary: Irkutsk [Russia], Jan 28 (ANI): Two people have died and five injured after a fire broke out at a tourist facility on Lake Baikal's Olkhon Island in Russia.
Russian authorities said that a man had died while traveling in a Volkswagen with six people on the frozen lake close to Siberia's remote Olkhon Island late Friday.
The next day we set off for an eight-hour road journey to Olkhon Islands in Lake Baikal.
Conditions are going to dictate my speed and route choice and so it's impossible to predict my finish time but if the conditions are favourable then I'm hoping to reach the midway check point on the tip of Olkhon Island in 30 hours.
265 The large conifer forests around Lake Baikal (such as this larch [Larix dahurica] forest on Olkhon Island in the center of the lake) are an apparently inexhaustible source of wood for the cellulose industry.
We made only one more stop in the water, north of Olkhon Island, the largest island in Lake Baikal.
As we recrossed the lake and worked our way up the shoreline to Olkhon Island, exploring villages and hiking woods, and as we argued about procedures and mapping techniques and values, our mutual suspicions slowly gave way to mutual admiration and trust.
Funds for the overhaul of the precinct hospital in the village of Khuzhir on the Baikal island of Olkhon should be allocated from the budget of the Irkutsk region no later than June 2018, said the vice-speaker of the Legislative Assembly Natalia Dikusarova.
Baikal winter beauty, the uniqueness of the severe island of Olkhon have long become a visiting card of the Irkutsk region and Russia.
Beautiful winter nature of Baikal and unique Olkhon Island have become one of the most visited and spectacular places of Irkutsk Region and Russia.