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, Ger. Olmütz, city (1991 pop. 105,537), E central Czech Republic, in Moravia, on the Morava River. Olomouc is an industrial city, with factories producing machinery, appliances, and food products, especially candy and chocolate.
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, Czech Republic.
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Wittgenstein conocia a Engelmann, alumno de Adolfo Loos, a quien habia encontrado en Olmutz, en 1916, durante la guerra (12).
Pedro Haarlen, Holanda 1757 Schoneman Francisco Javier Wegscheid, 1758 Plindendolfer Austria Jose Montes Cerdena, Italia 1758 Juan Saltos o del Ambato, Ecuador 1758 Salto Martin Sveina o Olmutz, 1760 Schweyna Republica Checa Francisco Javier Montilla, Espana 1762 Aguilar Segundo del Ampudia, Espana 1762 Castillo Jose Palme Rumburg- 1762 Warnsdorf, Republica Checa Pedro Berroeta o Cuenca, Ecuador 1765 Berrueta Jose Cenitagoya Quito, Ecuador 1765 Juan Ibusti Domezain- 1765 Berrante, Francia Jose Romie o Bolonia,ltalia 1765 Romei Nombre del Reducciones a su cargo en la misionero ejecutoria de la expulsion Adam Widman Santiago de la Laguna y San Juan Evangelista de Maynas Leonardo Deubler Ntra.
1905 First reported cornea transplant takes place Olmutz, Moravia (now Czech Republic).
In Olmutz, the eleven-year-old Wolfgang became infected with the disease, which caused grotesque swelling of his small body, blindness that lasted for nine days, and permanent scarring.
After a period of illness and with financial help from his sister, he attended the University at Olmutz. (now Olomouc), completing the course in philosophy, which also included physics, mathematics.
For a few years Paucke served as director of a Marian congregation at Olmutz (present-day Olomouc in the Czech Republic), but in 1773, after the suppression of the entire Society of Jesus by Clemente XIV, he moved to nearby Neuhaus, also in the southern part of Bohemia, where he died on April 13, 1780.
He became the Cardinal-Archbishop of Olmutz and it was to him that Beethoven dedicated the Archduke Trio and the Missa Solemnis written (but not finished in time) for his enthronement as Archbishop.
I was asked in still communist Prague, in Brunn,(5) in Olmutz,(6) and even in the little village where I was born.
Bismarck "provided vague promises and empty rhetoric" to Austria, who hoped "to avoid painful choices and dangerous commitments by searching for support from every possible source." Sheehan makes Germans masters of their own destiny, rather than victims of hostile France (Rhine thesis) or Russia (Olmutz Punktation).
Desde 1801, el Emperador Francisco I habia fomentado de manera especial que los monjes de la Orden de San Agustin se encargaran de la ensenanza de las matematicas y la religion en el Instituto Filosofico Olmutz, de Brunn (hoy Brno, Republica Checa).