an urban-type settlement in Dergachi Raion, Kharkov Oblast, Ukrainian SSR. Located 6 km from the Pere-sechnaia railroad station, which is on the Kharkov-Gotnia line, Ol’shany has a furniture factory and a garment factory. There is also a vegetable and dairy sovkhoz in the settlement.

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Furthermore, Theta, together with Der Wolschaner Reich (The Olshany Empire; 1991) and Im Reich der Lufte, forms a loosely connected trilogy with the common title Citta dolente (The City of Mourning).
The execution of works (services for draining land) on the project "Reconstruction of ameliorative" Olshany system "(in the system of channels G-6, G-9, G-2, G-4 %) in JSC" Woodland Niva "CPMS" Velemichsky " Stolin district, Brest region "