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or Wallachia
, historic region (29,568 sq mi/76,581 sq km), S Romania. The Transylvanian Alps separate it in the NW from Transylvania and the Banat; the Danube separates it from Serbia in the west, Bulgaria in the south, and N Dobruja in the east; in the
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Starting from an analysis of the occupational structure in the South-West Oltenia Region, it is necessary to mention the fact that the present Romanian economy resulted from the communist era, presenting distinct particularities, as confronted to the democratic occident (Ciucur, 2001: 78).
Procurement Purchase of Consultancy Services for Development and Implementation of the Restructuring, Reorganization and Streamlining of the Company Oltenia Energy Complex
The second part deals with the most important trends of permanent migration in the South West Oltenia Development Region after 1989, identifying several phases for the migration process.
b) the Regional University Emergency Hospital of Craiova;(South West Oltenia Region)
The IPOs in Electrica, the power company, the Oltenia Energy Complex (CEO) and Hidroelectrica, the hydroelectricity producer, are scheduled for next year.
The IMF gave its assent to a possible delay, having in view the state of play on the European nuclear energy market, but I discussed with Minister Nita and even if we don't get the best price, it is important that we get this message through of continued structural reforms and involvement of the private capital, which is why we will carry on with Nuclearelectrica and, as I told you, also with Energy Company Oltenia, Romgaz and Hidroelectrica.
Insurance Beneficiary Is the Company Oltenia Energy Complex .
The arbitration is for alleged breach of an agreement for the privatisation of company Electrica Oltenia from the year 2005, the weekly says.
The organization's members are Leoser SA, Berser SA, Leader International SA, Frank '93 Prod SRL, Ostrovit SA, Lio Agro Com SRL and Ilser Oltenia SRL.
A consortium comprising BRD - Groupe Societe Generale and SSIF Swiss Capital is the only bidder in a tender organized by the Romanian government to select the underwriter for the initial public offering (IPO) of state-owned Oltenia Energy Holding.
925/2006 - by bank transfer (including payment order), the Contracting Authority~s account (The Company Oltenia Energy Complex, CUI 30267310, registered with the Trade Registry under number J18 / 311/2012 account transfer RZBR EN 59 0000 0600 1465 2248 opened with Raiffeisen Bank - Suc.
More recently, the northern part of the region of Oltenia has grown in popularity thanks to the opening of high-end guest-houses such as Conacul lui Maldar and Casa Cartianu as well as the region of Neamt which last year was the host of the European Congress for Rural Tourism.