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d. 316 B.C., wife of Philip IIPhilip II,
382–336 B.C., king of Macedon (359–336 B.C.), son of Amyntas II. While a hostage in Thebes (367–364), he gained much knowledge of Greece and its people.
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 of Macedon and mother of Alexander the GreatAlexander the Great
or Alexander III,
356–323 B.C., king of Macedon, conqueror of much of Asia. Youth and Kingship

The son of Philip II of Macedon and Olympias, he had Aristotle as his tutor and was given a classical education.
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. She did not get on well with Philip, who had other wives, but the story that she murdered him is probably false. She reputedly had great influence in molding her son and in giving him an interest in mysticism and in art. Her violent ambitions plunged her into quarrels with Antipater, whom Alexander had left as regent in Macedon, and after Alexander's death she tried to forestall CassanderCassander
, 358–297 B.C., king of Macedon, one of the chief figures in the wars of the Diadochi. The son of Antipater, he was an officer under Alexander the Great, but there was ill feeling between them.
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, Antipater's son, in Macedon. He in turn besieged her in Pydna on the Gulf of Thessaloníki, and after her capture he ordered her execution.
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Olympias are notoriously finicky, needing a steady supply of plankton and specific water temperatures to flourish.
The Olympia oyster bears the weight of history on its barnacled shoulders.
"The Olympia feeds us in so many essential ways," she tells me over the roar at Oyster New Year, a benefit for the fund.
In most of the Alexander romances, the characters of Alexander and Olympias are irrevocably intertwined.
And he [Nectanebus] put aside the date-tree wood staff, got up onto the bed and turned Olympias toward him and mated with her.
These lines demonstrate that the characters of Alexander and Olympias are intertwined from the moment of his conception.
"Coalition warship, this is Olympias, where are you?
The captain of our ship was obviously aware of the risk, and asked Olympias several questions to determine what type of cargo was aboard, how much fuel was left in the tanks, and where they were from.
We maintained our orbit and directed the two boats the remaining distance to Olympias and the ladder that had been lowered halfway down her starboard side.