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athletic event made up of three contests. Since the 1970s the term has come to mean especially a race combining swimming, bicycling, and running. A notable example is Hawaii's Ironman Triathlon, held since 1978, which features a 2.5-mi (4-km) swim, a 112-mi (180-km) bicycle race, and a 26-mi (42-km) run. Most triathlons, however, especially those held in urban areas, cover shorter distances. The Olympic triathlon, first held in 2000, combines a 1,500-m (.93-mi) swim, a 40-km (24.8-mi) bicycle race, and a 10-km (6.2-mi) run. Another form of triathlon is a women's track-and-field event combining the 100-m dash, the high jump, and the shot put.


an athletic contest in which each athlete competes in three different events, swimming, cycling, and running
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The Olympic distance triathlon seemed quite impossible for me to do.
When anthropometric characteristics, training variables and previous experience were multi-variately associated with Ironman race time in male athletes, personal best marathon time and personal best time in an Olympic distance triathlon were the best predictor variables [48].
Joy: Chairman Tauny Southwood presents Samantha Rose, the winner of the women's Olympic Distance Triathlon, with her prize.
The personal best time in a marathon (see Figure 1), the personal best time in an Olympic distance triathlon (see Figure 2) and the personal best time in an Ironman triathlon (see Figure 3) were significantly and positively related to total race time.
5 km swim in Qing Long Lake; a 40 km bike race through the villages of Fengtai to Qian Ling Mountain, the highest peak in Southwest Beijing; and a final 10 km run along stone paths, trails and bridges of Qing Long Lake Park, this all-new Olympic distance triathlon truly showcased the beauty, tradition and hospitality of China.
Expected to contend with them for the crown in the event sponsored by Century Tuna are Slovakian Michael Bucek, the champion of the Bizent Bali International Olympic Distance Triathlon and 2013 70.
2 Miles), the Army 10-Miler, the Charlottesville Half Marathon, the CFI Mini Triathlon and the Nation's Olympic Distance Triathlon (a .
STILL on a sporting theme, three agents from City Connections Realty (CCRNY) took part in the New York City Olympic Distance Triathlon to benefit Team OneFamily, a multisport program that helps raise funds for Israeli victims of terror.
But rather than just wallowing in her own self-pity, she gives quirky anecdotes about how she reckons JK Rowling understands her, wishes she had a FMG (fairy mother godmother) and decides on a spur of a moment to train for an Olympic distance triathlon.
But, of course, it would be foolish to wade into a double triathlon without a warm-up, so I thought I had better throw in a half marathon, a duathlon and a common-or-garden Olympic distance triathlon as a trio of light appetisers.
It completed a hectic weekend for Gary, who finished seventh male overall just 24 hours earlier at the Ripon Olympic Distance triathlon.
The company will supply UK Olympic distance triathlon champion Marc Jenkins, top UK Ironman Richard Jones, and European junior 400m hurdles champion Rhys Williams with an annual supply of Tonalin CLA, a nutritional supplement.

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