Olympic National Forest

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Olympic National Forest

Address:1835 Black Lake Blvd SW
Olympia, WA 98512

Web: www.fs.fed.us/r6/olympic
Size: 633,677 acres.
Location:Northwestern Washington. Accessible by US 101. Nearby cities/towns include Aberdeen, Olympia, Port Angeles, Quilcene, and Shelton.
Facilities:20 campgrounds, lodge, 3 cabins, trails (270 miles), picnic sites, scenic drives.
Activities:Camping, boating, sailing, swimming, scuba diving, fishing, seasonal oyster and clam harvesting, hiking, mountain climbing, horseback riding, bicycling, beachcombing, bird watching.
Special Features:Surrounded on three sides by saltwater; Quinault Rain Forest, a primeval zone of giant moss-covered trees and lush foliage; nation's largest population of Roosevelt elk; 5 wilderness areas; spectacular views of mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and beaches.

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Howell is a wildlife biologist with the Forest Service currently working in Olympic National Forest in Washington State.
The goal of this study is to address the utility of corridors across the Olympic National Forest by assessing variability in landscape descriptors, habitat quality, and mammalian community structure among and within the corridors.
The relationship between environmental features and assembly of mammal communities in the Olympic National Forest was more directly evidenced by correlations between factor scores based on two separate principal-components analyses--one based on species composition (SS1, SS2, and SS3) and the other based on local environmental variables (ES1, ES2, and ES3; Table 5).
It rides the border of Olympic National Forest and is only a few miles from Olympic National Park, and in the winter drinks in almost ten feet of rain.
He started as a civil engineering intern in 2009 in the Olympic National Forest in Washington, then transferred in 2013 to Siuslaw National Forest.
Walker, in Olympic National Forest (360/765-2200), has rhododendrons from the bottom of the slope up to its peak.
Throughout the '90s, Kelso, in conjunction with other researchers working on the study, found and banded birds in Olympic National Forest, a rough doughnut of land that surrounds Olympic National Park.
In the exhibition space downstairs, displays this month are devoted to fire-fighting techniques developed in the Olympic National Forest.
TACOMA - Three men were arrested Tuesday on a federal indictment accusing them of illegally harvesting old growth cedar trees in Washington's Olympic National Forest.
In Olympic National Forest in Washington, authorities believe more than 40 trees--including a 400-year-old western red cedar 7 feet across--were destroyed by methamphetamine users, according to the Associated Press quoting the Seattle Times.
I follow guide Janolyn Melseth and her five pack goats along a fern-lined forest path in Washington's Olympic National Forest. Behind me walks my 17-year-old son, Tim, while my daughter, Katie, age 6, gleefully hitches a ride on Ben, a shaggy white-haired goat.

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