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a metal rod to which heavy discs are attached at each end for weightlifting exercises
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the basic apparatus used in weight lifting. It consists of a steel bar with freely revolving sleeves on the ends, removable metal disks attached to the bar ends to vary the weight, and locks to fasten the disks. The bar has a length of 2,200 mm and a diameter of 28 mm; the sleeves have a length of 400 mm and a diameter of 55–60 mm; and the disks have diameters up to 450 mm, with weights varying from 0.1 to 50.0 kg (international standard).

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A new 5 1/2 foot stainless steel "shorty" Olympic bar that features the exact specifications of its cutting-edge 7-foot stainless steel Olympic bar.
A 45-pound Olympic bar may be heavy enough (and possibly too much so) for the beginner.
The counter-balance not only aids in making the piece smoother, but, more importantly, allows younger athletes and women to train and perform movements with an Olympic bar, something they may not have been able to handle if the bar weighed 45 lbs.
The most demanding exercises for the hips would be some type of squat, deadlift (with an Olympic bar or a trap bar) or leg press.
The facility also includes a 20 metre track, a wall mounted rig, assault bikes, power racks and Olympic bars and weights, as well as a large range of dumbbells and a wide range of other accessories.

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