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river, c.500 mi (805 km) long, central and SW Ethiopia. Rising in the highlands south of Mt. Gorochan, some 40 mi (64 km) ENE of Nekemte, it flows generally south, receiving the Gojeb and Gibe rivers before emptying into Lake TurkanaTurkana, Lake,
c.2,500 sq mi (6,475 sq km), NW Kenya and SW Ethiopia, E Africa, in the Great Rift Valley; alt. 1,230 ft (375 m). Surrounded by desolate, volcanic mountains, the 170-mi-long (274-km) alkaline lake is the focus of interior drainage and has no outlet; it is becoming
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. The lower Omo valley, containing grasslands, volcanic outcrops, and riverine forests, is a Unesco World Heritage site. Ethiopia is constructing five dams on the Omo for hydroelectric power and commercial agricultural irrigation; the 797-ft (243-m) Gibe III hydroelectric dam, the third, is one of the largest dams in Africa. Its construction has led to relocation of local communities that have depended on the Omo's annual floods for livestock grazing and crop production, and to a drop in Lake Turkana's water level.
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a river in Ethiopia, measuring approximately 800 km long. Originating in the heart of the Amhara Plateau, it flows primarily southward and empties into Lake Rudolf. Its valley is narrow in the mountains and widens considerably in the lower course. The riverbed has abrupt slopes, and there are numerous rapids. Maximum flow occurs in the summer rainy season.

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