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A fold of the peritoneum connecting or supporting abdominal viscera.
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a broad and long fold of visceral peritoneum containing areolar tissue rich in blood vessels and fat deposits between its layers. The greater omentum, which consists of four peritoneal layers, originates at the greater curvature of the stomach, becomes attached to the transverse colon, and, covering the intestine anteriorly, descends in the form of an apron. The greater omentum performs a protective function in cases of traumas and inflammatory diseases of the organs of the abdominal cavity, such as appendicitis. The lesser omentum is a double peritoneal fold that stretches between the liver, the upper part of the duodenum, and the lesser curvature of the stomach.

The greater omentum is frequently used both to cover sutures applied during operations of the stomach and intestine and to tamponade wounds of the liver and spleen. Omentitis is an acute inflammation of the greater omentum that may result if the greater omentum is infected, twisted, or injured; this condition is accompanied by the symptoms of acute abdomen.

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The extrauterine implantation can occur in the omentum, the large vessels or even in the vital organs.
A soft-tissue mass measuring 30 x 24 x 8 cm was attached to the omentum. On the cut surface the mass was soft and haemorrhagic with no areas of necrosis.
The Alzheimer's experiment was done by stretching a piece of omentum, with its blood flow intact, up through the body and laying it over the brain like a throw rug.
The progression of chronic kidney disease was slowed due to the continuous migration of stem cells from the omentum to the diseased kidney, resulting in healing of the kidney.
Prostate cancer metastatic to the omentum. Scand J Urol Nephrol 2002;36:225-7
It is known as the dorsal mesogastrium or greater omentum in the region of the stomach, the dorsal mesoduodenum in the region of the duodenum, and the dorsal mesocolon in the region of the colon.
Large bowel was the most commonly herniated viscus (77%), followed by stomach (57%), small intestines (30%) and omentum (23%).
Computed tomography (CT) scan of the abdomen and pelvis revealed a linear object extending through the wall of a loop of small intestine into the omentum (Figure).
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Based on patterns known in wolverine and other carnivores (see above), the larger extractable depots would include (paired) perirenal, omentum and mesentery.
The herniated organs included the liver, proximal ascending colon, proximal transverse colon, hepatic flexure and omentum (Fig.
Morrison described omentum as "Policeman of the abdomen".