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A fold of the peritoneum connecting or supporting abdominal viscera.



a broad and long fold of visceral peritoneum containing areolar tissue rich in blood vessels and fat deposits between its layers. The greater omentum, which consists of four peritoneal layers, originates at the greater curvature of the stomach, becomes attached to the transverse colon, and, covering the intestine anteriorly, descends in the form of an apron. The greater omentum performs a protective function in cases of traumas and inflammatory diseases of the organs of the abdominal cavity, such as appendicitis. The lesser omentum is a double peritoneal fold that stretches between the liver, the upper part of the duodenum, and the lesser curvature of the stomach.

The greater omentum is frequently used both to cover sutures applied during operations of the stomach and intestine and to tamponade wounds of the liver and spleen. Omentitis is an acute inflammation of the greater omentum that may result if the greater omentum is infected, twisted, or injured; this condition is accompanied by the symptoms of acute abdomen.

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The omentum is a highly vascularized tissue covering abdominal organs.
Options include Dexon mesh splenorrhaphy, removing devitalized segments of the spleen with the use of the ultrasonic dissector, the suture ladder of Buntain, segmental and splenic arterial ligation with segmental resection, interlocking suture, long straight needles, hemostatic pledgets, and viable omentum as bolsters or packing.
The placenta, still attached to the omentum, was released with difficulty.
But a healthy, thin omentum (and your question confuses belly fat with the omentum) is designed to heal, not injure, the body.
F Bo tea mo the Five points that would have put ro in mid-table, provided the am and supporters with some omentum and belief and given e new boss some breathing ace.
Mahdi A K Effect of omentum graft on esophageal anastomosis in dogs.
Often this gets surrounded by a little known tummy organ called the omentum, also called the abdominal policeman because of its role in moving to troubled areas and surrounding them to prevent spread of the problem.
The other patients (33%) were diagnosed with concurrent liver and lung, liver and omentum or liver and spleen involvement.
CONCLUSIONS: Engineered bladder tissues, created with autologous cells seeded on collagen-polyglycolic acid scaffolds, and wrapped in omentum after implantation, can be used in patients who need cystoplasty.
Multiple granulomata, some containing acid-fast bacilli, were identified upon histologic examination of the omentum (Technical Appendix Figure, wwwnc.
Treatment of this unwanted condition includes debridement, antibiotic irrigation and reconstruction with omentum or pectoral muscle.
Adhesions between omentum and abdominal wall were scored in a blinded manner by 2 surgeons according to the method of Evans model (Table 1).