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4 million [euro] donation from Omo and Unilever Global Partnerships, which will contribute to UNICEF's education programs, providing access to quality education for 10 million children in Brazil, India and Vietnam.
This year, the OMO Learning for Tomorrow Initiative will partner with UNICEF, the leading UN humanitarian and development agency for children.
Ashike natango ohatu tale komafano opamufyuululwakalo omo ovakainhu tava ulike ovakainhu vakwao va talwe ko inava fa ovanhu ndele ova fa oinima oyo hai deulwa opo i longifwe mokuhafifa ovalumenhu mokombifa nomonduda yokunangala.
The OMO result will be announced by SBP through Reuters/Bloomberg on the same date.
Using information collected and reported by Snow OMO, organizations can proactively reduce Oracle expenditure and risk by:
Omo Forest Reserve is one of six large contiguous forest reserves in Ogun State, south-western Nigeria, established to protect the biodiversity of the region (Persson & Warner 2003).
Ever since they began building the electricity darn on River Omo in Ethiopia, we have experienced a decline in fish catch and reduced water levels," Ewoton says.
He was giving a speech in Jinka, a southwestern town by the banks of the Omo River.
This process is called OMO - the Open Market Option - but around 86 per cent of pensioners ignore it and take whatever is offered by their own provider.
The verdict refers to the lawsuit of the Macedonian party OMO "Ilinden-PIRIN" that was registered as a party in 1998 and was annulled with the decision of the Bulgarian Constitutional Court in year 2000.
Bulgaria has been found guilty by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in three lawsuits filed by two Macedonian organizations, OMO Ilinden and OMO Ilinden Pirin, and by individual members of the two formations, the press office of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (BHC) said in a statement.