On-Board Computer

On-Board Computer


a computer or system of computers that is installed in a mobile object: submarines, ships, aircraft, and spacecraft. The on-board computer processes various information that is transmitted to the mobile object from without and also information fed in from on-board systems (radar, radio-engineering, optical, and so on) for use in controlling the object and its on-board systems and checking the activity of the crew and on-board instrumentation. Electronic digital computers, and sometimes hybrid computing systems, are used as on-board computers. On-board computers are constructed from microminiature integrated circuits and weigh from 1 to a few dozen kg, require a few dozen to hundreds of watts of electrical power, and have high operational speed (on the order of several tens of thousands of operations per second) and reliability (hundreds of hours of trouble-free operation).


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As part of a German project named On-Board Computer System Architecture (OBC-SA), funded by the German Space Agency (DLR) to develop an architectural framework for future space born on-board computer systems, the Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communications Systems FOKUS has developed what is now considered to be the most powerful space-grade CompactPCI board for commercial space applications.
Operation Transmission was set-up last October following an increase in the number of vehicles across the West Midlands being stolen by criminals using high-tech gadgets to steal security data from the on-board computer and programming it onto blank keys.
The battery operated system has an on-board computer that moves titanium legs in harmony with a soldier's body.
Software is uploaded to a car's on-board computer system which can increase its miles per gallon by reducing rev counts and limiting top speeds, improving engine efficiency and reducing carbon output.
On-board computer options such as thin client or PCs include select models from Dell, HP, IBM.
The 130 X2 engine hydraulics and on-board computer have been systematically designed for efficient, maximum power and productivity.
Improper charge box opening, inconsistent conveyor loading, knife jams and improper material selection in the on-board computer can affect the efficiency of an operation.
Customer information is stored into the on-board computer so that deflashing-deburring information only has to be entered once.
Cars will be accessed through thumb prints and a spoken password and once inside the occupant can relax while an on-board computer does the driving.
A promotional trailer with on-board computer facilities outlining the options available will visit locations across the Valleys over the next few days, starting tomorrow.
A Korean Airlines flight from Seoul to Tokyo, Japan managed to make a safe landing at Tokyo's Haneda airport despite the aircraft's on-board computer reporting a fault with its landing flaps.
Archaeopteryx's highly developed brain would have served as the on-board computer necessary to manipulate the creature's wings and feathered flight surfaces.