On-Off Ratio

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On-Off Ratio


The on-off ratio of a pulse train is the ratio of the pulse duration to the pulse spacing. In a pulsed system, such as the transmitter of a radar set, the on-off ratio determines the ratio of peak power to average power and thus is an important characteristic of the performance of such systems (seePULSE ENGINEERING).

When the on-off ratio of the pulses transmitted by a radar set is decreased, the range and measurement accuracy of the radar set are improved, but more energy is consumed. In sampled-data equipment and systems for the transmission and processing of information, an insufficiently high on-off ratio can result in distortion of the information. Pulsed systems are sometimes classified according to their on-off ratio. For example, a distinction is made between radar sets with large (of the order of 102 or 103) and small (less than 100) on-off ratios.


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However, the current on-off ratio is limited to 38 due to the intrinsic zero-bandgap property [3, 4].
In the same article, they reported several measurements with respect to pull-in voltage (7.2 V), turn on delay (8 [micro]s), on-off ratio ([10.sup.8]), and on state resistance (3.7 [OMEGA]).
The MEMS switch has a low actuation voltage of 1.2 V, current capacity of 0.2195 mA, a current on-off ratio of 2195:1, and an RF insertion loss of 5 dB up to 13.5 GHz.
The authors demonstrate that such chemically assembled atomic transistors exhibit high transconductance (lOpS), on-off ratio (~[10.sup.6]) and mobility (~17 [cm.sup.2] [V.sup.-1] [s.sup.-1]).
Although CNT has a lower on current, it sustains a high on-off ratio in 4 orders of magnitude.
The choice of the proper diode with the necessary diode parameters will determine modulation rise and fall times, on-off ratio and gain.