Onciul, Dimitrie

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Onciul, Dimitrie


Born Oct. 26 (Nov. 7), 1856, in the village of Straja, district of Rădăuţi; died Mar. 20, 1923, in Bucharest. Rumanian historian and medievalist. Academician of the Rumanian Academy from 1905 and president of the academy from 1920.

Onciul was educated at the lycée and university in Cernăuţi (now Chernovtsy, Ukrainian SSR). In 1884 he defended his doctoral dissertation. He taught at the Cernăţi lycée until 1896, when he became a teacher of Rumanian history and literature at the University of Bucharest. In 1919 he became dean of the university’s faculty of philosophy. In his principal works he dealt with the ethnology of the Rumanian people and with the creation of the feudal states of Moldavia and Walachia.


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