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We are extremely grateful to the oncologists who attended the meeting, as well as the representatives from TD2 and Imaging Endpoints who participated in the meeting.
I call my oncologist and we talked about possibilities.
Conclusion: A good cooperation of oncologists and dentists is very important to prevent BRONJ.
Find out how oncologists rate Opdivo's team, and how the teams for 7 other major RCC treatments measure up, in Medical Affairs Reputations: RCC.
Therefore, it is requested to all Pakistani doctors that if a child patient comes to them with anemia, abdomen tumor, bone pain or tumor, they should immediately refer the patient to a paediatric oncologist so that the patient could get proper and timely treatment.
Results: Fifty-two oncologists participated in our study (a response rate of 65%).
Thirty-five percent of the oncologists agreed or strongly agreed with the proposition that a PPACA clinical trials coverage provision has been a significant boon for some people with cancer.
According to a 2009 survey of 249 oncologists who practice at academic medical centers, 95% reported routinely discussing a cancer treatment's impact on fertility (Fertil.
She then consulted an oncologist (the editorialist).
When asked to report the five LEs they had observed and/or had seen reported in the literature for each of the four standard chemotherapy drugs, 95% of oncologists identified cardiac dysfunction as an LE of doxorubicin, compared with 55% of PCPs (P less than .
An oncologist also works together with cancer surgeons and radiotherapists.
For example, primary care physicians were more likely than were oncologists to be concerned about malpractice suits and about a lack of adequate training.