one-time password

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One-Time Password

(OTP) A security system that requires a new password every time a user authenticates themselves, thus protecting against an intruder replaying an intercepted password. OTP generates passwords using either the MD4 or MD5 hashing algorithms.

The equivalent term "S/Key", developed by Bellcore, is a trademark of Telcordia Technologies, so the name OTP is used increasingly.

See RFC 1760 - "The S/KEY One-Time Password System" and RFC 1938 - "A One-Time Password System".

one-time password

A password given to the user for one login session only and that must be used within a certain amount of time. One-time passwords are sent from tech support to people who need help registering or logging into a website. As soon as the one-time password (OTP) enables access to the site, it is no longer valid, and users must create a permanent password. OTPs are also created for physical authentication devices (see authentication token), and they are sometimes used as a second means of authentication if a person logs in from a new computer (see two-factor authentication).
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The company has updated its Android and iOS mobile apps, and alongside improving performance, it has added support for One Time Passwords.
The National Bank of Abu Dhabi is the first bank to implement the dynamic One Time Password for online shopping and this reflects NBAD's continuous endeavour to provide our credit cardholders the most advanced technology in offering convenience and security," says Navneet Dave, the Head of Cards at NBAD.
Identity and access management solutions developer Nordic Edge AB announced on Wednesday the new version of its One Time Password Server, which simplifies secure access to applications and systems with strong multi-factor authentication.