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A China-based manufacturer of Android smartphones. Introduced in 2014, OnePlus models are unlocked 5.5" Android phablets with quad-core Snapdragon CPUs and up to 8GB RAM that initially ran the Cyanogen version of Android (Cyanogen was later replaced with the company's own Android-based OxygenOS). The One was widely praised for its quality and USD $349 price tag with 64GB of storage, less than half the cost of top phones on the market in 2014. Devices are sold directly from the company, and although subsequent models have risen in price, they are still below the flagship phones from Samsung and Apple. For more information, visit See CyanogenMod.

OnePlus 2 and X
In 2015, a slightly thicker OnePlus 2 added a fingerprint scanner, USB Type C port and dual SIM capability. To compete in a wider market, the entry-level OnePlus X was introduced with a 5" screen and fewer features.

OnePlus 3, 3T and 5
In 2016, the OnePlus 3 was slightly thinner and lighter and offered fast charging (Dash Charge), NFC and 4K video. Also in 2016, the 3T model offered a faster CPU and larger battery than the 3, and the 3T's front camera doubled the pixels from 8 to 16MP. See NFC and 4K resolution.

There was no 4 model, but the OnePlus 5 debuted in 2017 with dual cameras, 8x zoom and up to 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM. Night Mode adjusts the screen when viewing in darkness, and Reading Mode switches to monochrome while adjusting the white balance to the ambient light.
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Dual nano-SIM slots are also on board, and in a first for OnePlus, the X features a microSD card slot.
The OnePlus 2 has a better design than the OnePlus One, but there's still room for improvement.
OnePlus One has proved to be a hit with consumers, selling close
Without increasing the megapixel count, OnePlus has improved the camera optics on board.
The OnePlus Two is going to be powered with the latest Snapdragon 810 chipset that features a 64-bit processor.
With ONE and ONEPlus, customers benefit from up to 20% lower grammage, less waste and tangible cost savings, e.
OnePlus lets people buy items less than pounds 10 by touching their card to a sensor.
That is the conclusion of research by One Plus One, a team of practitioners, researchers and information specialists, whose aim is to enhance understanding of how family relationships contribute to the well being of adults and children OnePlus One says more than 500,000 children in England have a mild to seriously disabling condition or chronic illness.
Produced by charities, One Parent Families and OnePlus, the guide includes pointers on juggling finances, sticking to a budget, agreeing contact arrangements with the non-resident parent and avoiding the pressure to overspend.
Pricing and Availability TopTier Software currently sells its products and services directly and through the channel via the OnePlus Partner program.
The Company offers call center software products for zeroplus, oneplus, prepaid calling card (Debit card), Directory Assistance gateways and other enhanced services.
Chinese technology start-up OnePlus stated that it would make in India smart phones through contract manufacturing at Taiwanese Foxconn's Rising Stars factory in Andhra Pradesh's Sri City.