Onelio Jorge Cardoso

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Cardoso, Onelio Jorge


Born May 11, 1914, in Calabazar de Sagua, Las Villas province. Cuban writer.

Cardoso writes short stories distinguished by a colloquial idiom, humorous style, and affection for the working man—for example, ‘The Coal Miners” (1945) and “Old Iron” (1952). Many of his stories have antiwar and anti-imperialist themes and reflect the basic conflicts in the prerevolutionary Cuban countryside. Cardoso is a leader of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba. In 1962 he published a collection of articles, Men Among the People.


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Tambien Los pintores, del Teatro Escambray, consigue un atractivo lenguaje para versionar el cuento "Los tres pichones," de Onelio Jorge Cardoso, con minimalismo, colorido y dinamica presencia de sus actores Maikel Valdes, tambien director, y Teresa Fundora.
In Cuba, Hivos has made a decisive contribution to the development of many cultural institutions like the Pablo de la Torriente Brau Cultural Center, the Retazos dance company, the International Low Budget Film Festival organized by Humberto Solas, and the Onelio Jorge Cardoso Center, a literary workshop.
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