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Zwiebelmarkt (Onion Market)

Fourth Monday in November
Zwiebelmarkt is a great celebration of onions and the principal festival of Bern, the capital of Switzerland, known for its bear pit and mechanical clock that displays a parade of wonderful mechanical figures every hour. The onion market is said to date back to the great fire of 1405, after which farmers of the lake region of Canton Fribourg were given the right to sell their products in Bern because they helped rebuild the city. This story is probably a made-up one, since the first documented mention of onions came in the middle of the 19th century.
Farmers at hundreds of stalls offer for sale more than 100 tons of strings of onions, as well as other winter vegetables and nuts. There is a carnival spirit, with confetti battles, people dressed in disguises, and jesters doing satires of the year's events.
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The global dry onion market is likely to experience robust growth.
Summary: The global dry onion market is likely to experience robust growth.
These results are interesting because fresh bunching onion market is very much an uncontrolled supply and demand scenario of an inelastic product; that is, there is always an uncertain price paid to farmers.
The global onion powder market is currently much smaller than the global onion market but is witnessing a healthy growth rate of 5-6% annually.
Demand is expected to be high for these new items this summer, as Ryan Galindo, a buyer for Good Life Organic, explains, "The onion market has been strong this summer and with the continued growth in customer's demand for organic produce, Good Life Organic onions couldn't be launching at a better time." Good Life Organic will be offering its customers three sizes of organic onions, including 16/3 lb.
Sustained efforts by the governments in Delhi and other states bore results and the wholesale prices of onion on Tuesday fell below the ` 50 per kg mark at Lasalgaon in Maharashtra, Asia's biggest onion market. Experts said curbs on onion export and fear of action against hoarding helped in bringing down onion prices which were on a constant rise during the last one month.
26 November Bern old town Farmers from the area bring more than 50 tonnes of onions to the Onion Market, a traditional folk festival that takes place on the fourth Monday in November.
Abdulbaset Ghaleb is the man in charge of the Al-Wafa onion market on the outskirts of Taiz city.
The UK Pickled Onion Market is currently estimated to he worth 25m [pounds sterling] to 30m [pounds sterling] a year at retail.
"The onion market here could be immense," said Mauricio, who describes himself as an American of Cuban ancestry.
Some question just how far the onion market will expand.