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(Massive Open Online Course) Free online educational courses available to the public at large. The MOOC handles the online delivery of the courseware that has been created by participating schools and organizations. Although various MOOCs were launched in the late 2000s, MOOC activity began to escalate in 2011 when Stanford University offered three courses and several more in 2012.

Also in 2012, MIT and Harvard launched their MOOC under the edX banner; Coursera started offering courses from several universities, and Udacity began to deliver courses sponsored by universities and high-tech vendors.

In just a few years, hundreds of thousands of people have taken advantage of the education, and certification is available, in some cases for a fee to the sponsoring university. See CBT, courseware and e-learning.
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The incredible interest in our online courses speaks to the necessity and significance of what we teach here at Hillsdale," said Jon Lewis, senior manager of online courses.
In addition, the seminars are now available as an online course through ACI University, and can be purchased for an individual user or for a group of five individual at a reduced rate.
But they ran into difficulty because "20 percent of online courses didn't specify learning outcomes that could be judged - and neither did 30 percent of the on-site courses," OSU documents said.
Written text from various types of documents, such as articles, reports, lesson plans and PowerPoint presentations, are sources of content for online courses.
The CTE field may want to increase its participation because of the world of possibilities that online courses may offer.
Visit the online course area of the Rubber Division's web site for further details at http://www.
Such findings suggest that instruction is indeed the most important factor when it comes to student satisfaction with online courses (Bolliger & Martindale, 2004).
The National Education Association reported 73 percent of NEA members who taught online courses were compensated as part of their normal courseload.
Because of the growing interest in computer-based learning, the Foundation recently launched the Online Learning Pass, an annual subscription program which allows users to access the entire line of online courses (totaling hundreds of CPE hours) for only $350.
Interestingly, with the increasing acceptance of online classes (Owston,1997; Rossman, 1992) few studies have examined the effectiveness of online courses and whether the achievement levels of meeting the courses competencies and objectives were met (Navarro & Shoemaker, 1999; Schulman & Sims, 1999; Sener & Stover, 2000; Smeaton & Keogh, 1999; Russell, 1999; Spooner, Jordan, Algozzine, and Spooner, 1999).
Recent statistics reveal that the number of online courses and degree programs offered by many institutions has significantly increased over the last few years.

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