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Reading online journals has been one of the fastest growing professional activities for physicians, growing at a double-digit rate over the past three years.
Present and future capabilities of the online journal.
in collaboration with the American Association for the Advancement of Science, mounted the online Online Journal of Current Clinical Trials(2) and is in the process of implementing further online journals in the areas of nursing and electronics.
Bratton also became the latest Los Angeles official to take a step into the burgeoning blogosphere, saying he has been talking with his staff about starting an online journal in the next several months.
Quickly apparent were four ways in which the librarians could add information literacy components to the Herbs, Spices and Medicinal Plants course: updating the laboratory session bibliographies, providing call numbers and URLs to bibliographic sources, adding an introductory glimpse to an online journal index through the addition of a database exercise to the weekly laboratory assignment, and by creating an online library research tutorial.
It has been my honor to contribute to the creation and ongoing management of the Online Journal of Rural Nursing and Health Care as the managing editor since its inception.
com, an online journal review service available on an internet subscription basis, is a convenient way for physicians, dentists and other medical professionals to keep up with "the explosion of medical and scientific literature"--including new research findings and introductions of new drugs and procedures.
It's the coolest way to keep your own online journal.
These topics are highlighted by Tania Mastrapa in an insightful article, "Claiming Property and Investing in Cuba," in the latest issue of "Cuban Affairs," the online journal published by the University of Miami's Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies.
Kelsey said that each issue of the online journal carries analysis and opinions from Kelsey Group analysts on the most important recent developments in directional advertising and local business, mergers and acquisitions, new research, emerging trends, and new products and services.
As you know the Online Journal of Rural Nursing and Health Care is a peer-reviewed journal.

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