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online music store

A Web-based service that sells copyrighted songs and albums for a fee. With Apple's iTunes being the most popular, an online music store is a legitimate music distribution organization that pays royalties to the music's copyright holders. Even Napster, which became infamous in the early 2000s for facilitating illegal copying, became a legitimate service in 2003.

Following are some of the major online music stores in alphabetical order. For music information in general, visit Contrast with peer-to-peer network, which allows people to share music, whether copyrighted or not. See music streaming service.
Major Labels

   Independent Artists
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is planning to co-open an online music company with seven of Taiwan's label-recording companies and a local solution provider to tap the vast mainland Chinese market for value-added telecom services.
Artists set the pricing for their work and are able to circumvent the 40% to 70% of gross sales charged by most online music sites, says Alexander.
launched an online music store, in which Macintosh users can download a song for 99 cents with few restrictions - and no monthly subscription fee.
Sony and Time Warner are staking out some key real estate in cyberspace by merging their jointly owned music club, Columbia House, with the major online music retailer CDNow.

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