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online music store

A Web-based service that sells copyrighted songs and albums for a fee. With Apple's iTunes being the most popular, an online music store is a legitimate music distribution organization that pays royalties to the music's copyright holders. Even Napster, which became infamous in the early 2000s for facilitating illegal copying, became a legitimate service in 2003.

Following are some of the major online music services in alphabetical order. For music information in general, visit Contrast with peer-to-peer network, which allows people to share music, whether copyrighted or not. See online music service.
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Consolidation in the online music retailing market continued apace yesterday with the acquisition of CDNow Inc by Columbia House, which is a club-based direct marketer of music and videos owned jointly by Sony Corp and Time Warner Inc.
Can studios find inspiration in the success of online music retailing on the model of Apple's groundbreaking 99 cent song downloads?
In return, we are giving iWon the best online music retailing property on the Web.
com), is proud to report that its premier online music retailing property, CD Universe (www.
Under the agreement, eUniverse's online music retailing property, CDUniverse (http://www.
Howard Stringer, chairman and CEO of Sony Corporation of America, said: "This is a compelling combination that brings together CDNOW's leadership position in online music retailing with Columbia House's 16 million-member base, including a rapidly growing Internet core of nearly two million members.
Combined with our free 24-hour Internet music channel, as well as the use of other leading technologies, we think this will be a combination hard to beat in online music retailing," stated Alex Kanakaris, chief executive officer, Kanakaris Communications.
NEW YORK, June 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Underscoring its commitment to become the international leader in online music retailing, CDNOW, Inc.
During its meetings the board will hear from top experts in new technology about the impact of the Internet on the music business as well as the current state of online music retailing and marketing.
April 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Confirming its ever-growing strength in online music retailing, CDnow, Inc.
Two other Webnoize panels provide for an intimate look at the future of online music retailing.
In his role as Vice Chairman and CEO at N2K, Diamond is at the forefront of the convergence of technology and online music retailing and entertainment.

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