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online music store

A Web-based service that sells copyrighted songs and albums for a fee. With Apple's iTunes being the most popular, an online music store is a legitimate music distribution organization that pays royalties to the music's copyright holders. Even Napster, which became infamous in the early 2000s for facilitating illegal copying, became a legitimate service in 2003.

Following are some of the major online music services in alphabetical order. For music information in general, visit Contrast with peer-to-peer network, which allows people to share music, whether copyrighted or not. See online music service.
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Co-owner of online record store Crate Digger Records sARK is a young, fresh and inventive artist from the North East who takes his cues from the ambience of nature among more traditional electronic themes.
Edinburgh candidates for Arena O2 X Enterpreneur of The Year include John Harris, of online record store Seven Things, and Will Cavendish and Ollie Collier, of Pufferfish digital display systems.
A reviewer for Kool Kat Musik, an online record store that recently started carrying the album, put it this way: "lotsa lotsa guitars, hooks galore and a nice mix of uptempo and slower tunes.
com is an online record store that sells CDs for independent musicians, whose sales recently exceeded $2 million.
The singer/songwriter's 1972 album Pink Moon has hit number five in the online record store Amazon.
For instance, an online record store can compile a list of its customers' music tastes and send them concert and record release information on their favorite artists as well as suggest other artists they may like.
He joined his brother in the business after various ventures, including time as a DJ, setting up an online record store, a law course and working for a removals firm, until work dried up as a result of the r ecession.
Consumers can also send a personalized Valentine's Day card along with a romantic CD, offered by Greet Street and Music Boulevard, the most comprehensive online record store.
It is a collaboration with Paul Holden called Exit Wound and will be available on all good online record stores.

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