Ontario Nature

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Ontario Nature (FON)

Address:355 Lesmill Rd
Don Mills, ON M3B2W8

Web: www.ontarionature.org
Established: 1931. Description:Dedicated to protecting and conserving Ontario's natural heritage through education, scientific research, public policy, and nature protection programs. Champions woodlands, wetlands, and wildlife and preserves essential habitat through its own system of nature reserves. Members: 15,000 individuals and 100 member groups. Dues: $40/year.
Publications: Seasons (quarterly); free to members.

See other parks in Ontario.
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In another example, charitable organization Ontario Nature has taken on work related to forest and freshwater foods, particularly in the area of personal harvesting.
To convey public investment to the government, environmental groups including Ontario Nature, the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE) and the David Suzuki Foundation commissioned polls.
At Ontario Nature, our provincial Youth Council organized a pre-election postcard campaign calling on Premier Wynne to restrict neonics.
More than 225 people, aged two to 72--from the ROM, the Toronto Zoo, Ontario Nature, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, universities, conservation authorities, and the community--joined forces to attempt to document all living things in the park and also to educate the public about the variety of life and its value.
The Nature Conservancy of Canada (2007) prepared a management plan for Ontario Nature Reserves to minimize the damage by Garlic-Mustard; LEIC-BSC monitors the abundance of Garlic-Mustard and other invasive plants on the Erie Islands (Anonymous 2001).
Another highly significant area, the Stone Road Alvar on Pelee Island (Jacques and Kirk 1985; Kirk 1994), was acquired by several conservation organizations including Ontario Nature, Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA) and The Nature Conservancy of Canada.
I picked up a copy of your May/June issue of Natural Life while in North Bay at the Ontario Nature Conference and was quite thrilled by it, especially with the articles on childhood play ("Criminalization of Natural Play" and "Junkyard Sports").
His work has appeared in This Magazine, Toronto Life, Spacing and Ontario Nature. Reeves is currently writing a book about Asian carp in America.
In his first solo-authored book, Metaphors for Environmental Sustainability, Larson, who teaches in the Environment and Resource Studies program at the University of Waterloo and is president of Ontario Nature, encourages his readers to re-examine the language we use about nature.

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