Ontsifor Lukinich

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Ontsifor Lukinich


Year of birth unknown; died 1367. An Old Russian political figure.

A high-born boyar and a descendant of Novgorod posadniki (governors of medieval Russian city-states), Ontsifor Lukinich rose to eminence by taking advantage of antiboyar feeling among the city’s lower classes. He led a popular uprising in 1342, for which he was banished from Novgorod but soon returned. In 1347 a Novgorodian force under his command defeated the Swedes on Zhab’e Field. Elected posadnik in 1350, Ontsifor Lukinich created the posts of six lifelong posadniki from the different parts of the city. The chief posadnik was elected annually from among these six.

During excavations in Novgorod, archaeologists investigating Ontsifor Lukinich’s domains discovered several letters on birch bark written to him and two letters written by him.

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