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In our study, other classes of false positives (such as OOF giant cells, histiocytes, and germinal centers; see Figure 6, A through H) were easy for pathologists to rule out.
I had a chance to catch up with Hunt and the OOF team for a saltwater fishing event in Bokeelia in the fall.
Whatever you're doing for the Bells, I wish you well and hope that – whether you're having a quiet meal with family or the kind of blowout that would make the Emperor Caligula go "Oof. That's a bit much" – have a blast.
Oof. When you were in the tunnel and you knew Mark was there you would think, 'Come on, we're going to have a go today,' because he was incredible in the pitch.
The President of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Dr Ahmad Mohamed Ali and the Chairman of the Olusegun Obasanjo Foundation (OOF), former President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the Foundation Headquarters in London to promote human security in Africa.
OOf course, the PR opportunities for a new aircraft E end in positive reviews.
Carl, Norfolk vvA stept oof arf orme Racing For Change seems determined to lose racing supporters.
DNA tests oof the seven skeletons proved that one of the skeletons was that of Acharya.
The second was the well-publicized rescue by the US Navy oof Iranians held hostage on board their ownfishing boat by Somalia refugees.
Hurts so much that I am doing that most depressing of things doable - going "oof" every time I so much as twitch.
The software package, object-oriented finite element analysis, or OOF, is a specialized tool to help materials designers understand how stress and other factors act on a material with a complex internal structure, as is the case with many alloys and ceramics, said Stephen Langer, a physicist in the NIST mathematical software group, who recently helped update the application.
Oof, even then, does it look like I care for such messages.