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(1) (OpenOffice.Org) See Apache OpenOffice.

(2) (Out Of Office) See digispeak.

(3) (Optical in/Optical processing/Optical out) Network devices that maintain the photonic transmission signal without converting back to electrical signals. Contrast with OEO. See optical switch.
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Heads involved in dairy farming (SPK Kolos, OOO Mayak, LLC Berezovo) noted that the purchase price of milk fell to 22 rubles per liter, which leads to an even greater unprofitability of dairy farming.
Reportedly, with the agreement, Vestas and OOO Fortum Energy will together lead the expansion of wind energy in Russia and work with local partners to establish a strong local manufacturing and supply chain capacity.
Having been given information that affidavits and filings of the other respondents made mention of him," Estrada filed with the OOO a "Request to be Furnished with Copies of CounterAffidavits of the Other Respondents, Affidavits of New Witnesses and Other Filings, dated 20 March 2014, in order to be apprised of allegations of the other respondents and to be given notice of all the evidence presented to the Office of the Ombudsman incident to the preliminary investigation.
I have always thought Bop language - Ooo shoobie doobie oop ooo OO shoobie doobie oo oop, for instance - was an attempt to respeak African language still glued in our consciousness, with our history and the syntax of African American language and culture.
3 of OOO OKA MOLOKO in the Pitelinsky district and JSC Rassvet in the Ryazan district, where productivity growth to the level of 2016 exceeds 1100 kg.
Under the terms of the agreement, Gazprombank received 49% of the shares in Elgaugol OOO, Elga-Doroga OOO as well as Mecheltrans Vostok OOO.
Austrian mobile computing and communications technology supplier S&T AG (ETR:SANT) said it had finalised the acquisition of a 48% interest in Russian company Affair OOO for EUR5.
On the first issue, the OOO held that "[c]omplainant failed to present any documentary or testimonial evidence proving [Arroyo's] alleged knowledge of, or participation in, the scheme perpetrated by Lorenzo and Bolante.
Following the transaction, Tikkurila controls 100% of metal industry coatings producer OOO Gamma Industrial Coatings and of OOO Tikkurila Powder Coatings.
Kola Mining Corporation (TSX V: KM)(OTCBB: KMNFF)(FRANKFURT: C8M), a Canada-based mineral exploration company, has entered into an agreement to acquire a Russian company, OOO Artel Staratelei Angarskaya Proizvodstvennaya Kompania (OOO), which owns a 100% interest in the Bogunay Gold Property in Krasnoyarsk Territory, South Siberia, Russia.
OAO TMK, one of the world's largest oil and gas pipe producers, reached an agreement to acquire 100% of share capital in OOO Truboplast.
Most gauges are available in A, D, B, C, DO, O, OO, OOO and M.