Open Software Foundation

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Open Software Foundation

(OSF) A foundation created by nine computer vendors, (Apollo, DEC, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Bull, Nixdorf, Philips, Siemens and Hitachi) to promote "Open Computing". It is planned that common operating systems and interfaces, based on developments of Unix and the X Window System will be forthcoming for a wide range of different hardware architectures. OSF announced the release of the industry's first open operating system - OSF/1 on 23 October 1990.
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Open Group

(The Open Group, Boston, MA, Formed in 1996 as the merger of the Open Software Foundation (OSF) and X/Open organizations, The Open Group is dedicated to promoting open standards and providing certification in a variety of areas, including the Unix operating system and Common Desktop Environment (CDE) user interfaces. See Single UNIX Specification and CDE.

Founded in 1984, X/Open was dedicated to developing specifications and tests for open system compliance. X/Open was involved in unifying the Unix operating system into the Single UNIX Specification. It held the UNIX trademark (upper case letters) on behalf of the industry, which passed to The Open Group.

Founded in 1988, the OSF was a coalition of vendors and users that delivered technology innovations in all areas of open systems, including OSF/1, a Mach-based operating system, the Motif GUI and the DCE platform. See Motif and DCE.
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Black, Research Inst., Open Software Foundation, One Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142; (617) 621-7347; fax: (617) 621-8696; email:
Then Hewlett-Packard gained the edge when IBM endorsed its OpenView technology and key portions of the architecture were selected by the Open Software Foundation for its Distributed Management Environment (DME).
PowerOpen is the partnership's new open-systems environment to be achieved through cross-licensing of the Mac interface from Apple's A/UX version of Unix (customers will also be able to acquire the OSF/Motif user interface), IBM's AIX Unix version, based on the Open Software Foundation's OSF/1, and the Power architecture.

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