Open space

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Open space

The area within a community that is not occupied by buildings or transportation networks; may be contained in a plaza, park, farmland, or part of the natural environment.
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open space

In urban planning, the designation given parks, recreational and natural areas, or other land not occupied by buildings.
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At that instant the thicket opened, and a tall and armed Huron advanced a few paces into the open space. As he gazed upon the silent blockhouse, the moon fell upon his swarthy countenance, and betrayed its surprise and curiosity.
On the hillside he had led the woman to one of the little open spaces among the bushes and had dropped to his knees beside her.
The rule, which was put into effect long before the infill trend and large custom homes in excess of 5,000 square feet were common, requires that 65 percent of a residential property be open space. That means the builder has 35 percent of the property to build on.
We start with a representative subdivision in our sample: 134 acres in size, with about 30 acres of open space and an average lot size of 1.5 acres.
Local governments are not prepared to handle the heavy toll of suburban sprawl according to a new study released in February by the Open Space Institute and the Center for Policy Research at the University at Albany.
The housing development would take place partly on both open space and what is currently part of the school site
"Open Space Technology: A User's Guide" introduces a new concept for businesses to follow known as open space technology, where groups can self-organize in a short amount of time.
In the latest edition of the Society's magazine, Open Space, general secretary Kate Ashbrook says that while land may be registered even when it has planning permission for development, that once big commercial interests are involved, it is much more difficult and expensive for the applicants.
They will prepare analyses and visual representations of a range of design ideas for the public open space of Governors Island that includes 25 to 40 acres of parkland on the southwestern portion, a waterfront promenade, and Historic District open space which includes a 10 acre Parade Ground, Nolan Park and Colonel's Row.
The the town of Flower Mound, northwest of Dallas, Texas, has designated two conservation developments, residential projects that cluster dwelling units on smaller lots than are currently zoned to protect and preserve open space. The goal is to "preserve open or natural lands as an integral component of the development." One, the Sanctuary site, was used to demonstrate the ecosystem benefits of conventional vs.
Preserves open space either for the scenic enjoyment of the general public or pursuant to a Federal, state or local governmental conservation policy and yields a significant public benefit (the open-space requirement); or
Furthermore, it is still possible to extrude the material into open space. The automated cleaning option, a separate module, is used when extruding material into open space, and is said to guarantee reproducible results by keeping the tools clean throughout all measurements.

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