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Open source license

Any document that attempts to specify open source usage and distribution of software. These licenses are usually drafted by experts and are likely to be more legally sound than one a programmer could write. However, loopholes do exist.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of open source licenses:

1. Public Domain - No license.

2. BSD License - An early open source license

3. General Public License (GPL) - The copyleft license of the Free Software Foundation. Used for GNU software and much of Linux.

4. Artistic License Less restrictive than the GPL, permitted by Perl in addition to the GPL.

5. Mozilla Public Licenses. (MPL, MozPL) and Netscape Public License (NPL).

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group_id=132728 and is freely available under the same open-source license as the DITA Open Toolkit.
QuickFIX/J source code is freely available and uses a liberal open-source license compatible with the distribution of commercial software.
In addition, [the company] has released its drivers under an open-source license and supported the Linux community in developing drivers for their Fibre Channel cards.
Nasdaq:ASYT), a leading supplier of integrated automation and connectivity solutions that enhance semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturing productivity, announced today that it is offering its Interface A-compliant equipment data acquisition (EDA) Client Emulator to the semiconductor industry under an open-source license.
Intel Corporation researchers have released software under an open-source license that allows developers to build computers that see and "read lips" the way humans do to better understand spoken commands.
CynApps, the methodology leader in C/C++ based design and verification, added to the EDA community's open-source toolbox today by making its Cyn++ macro preprocessor available under an open-source license at (www.
2 is freely available under an Open-Source license and can be downloaded directly from the CynApps website.
Interphase has released its drivers under an open-source license and supports the Linux community in developing drivers for their Fibre Channel cards.
Just a week after announcing it was offering its Cynlib C++ hardware description library under an open-source license, EDA startup CynApps is enjoying "widespread and enthusiastic" support for the move says company president, John Sanguinetti.
Cynlib will be made available through an open-source license similar to the Mozilla Public License developed by Netscape, and conforming to the Open Source Definition from the Open Source Initiative.